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Electronic Stories and Digital Storytelling

computer sidekickYoung people love to retell and invent stories. They also like to listen to the stories of others.

Design activities that get students involved in read and creating stories.


Visual backgrounds are a good place to start a writing project. Consider providing objects to place on the background or let young people locate objects. Think about story starter and writing prompts. Look for ways to connect storytelling to science and social studies projects.

Download and explore the following Background starters: Where are we going? (PPT), Let's go to the circus (PPT), Let's go to the city (PPT), Let's plan for disasters (PPT), Let's go to the farm (PPT), Farm to Family (PPT), Let's go to the park (PPT), Let's go to the pool (PPT), Let's go for a drive (PPT), Let's go to school (PPT), Let's go shopping (PPT), Let's explore space (PPT), Stop pollution! (PPT) and Where are we going (PPT).



Tall Tales, Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Myths

Think about ways that young people can explore, analyze, and write tall tales, fairy tales, folklore, and myths. Start by reading tall tales such as Apples to Oregon by Deborah Hopkinson & Nancy Carpenter. Look for books by Steven Kellogg.

Apples to OregonTall Tales

Download the Let's Tell Tall Tales (PPT) PowerPoint Sidekick.

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Create your own PowerPoint Sidekick.

Digital Stories

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