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sequencingInformation Sequencing

Besides comic strips, another way for student to tell stories is through timelines. These are particularly useful in history, but also in other areas of the curriculum where sequencing is important.

Process - From Farm to Home

Understanding where food and other products originate is important for children. Providing videos students can sequence is a good way to review.

Download and explore Food Production Starters: Eggs (PPT), Milk 1 (PPT), Milk 2 (PPT)


Timeline - Through History

Help young people understand the development of culture, government, housing, and other aspects of history. Provide students with visuals to sequence. Then, ask them to write about how times changed from one visual to the next. In some cases you may want students to label the century or decade. This activity can be done with any topic. For example, you could ask children to trace the history of an invention or type of transportation. How have the lives of Native Americans changed over the past 200 years? How has medicine evolved? Record directions for sequencing and writing.

The following examples are simply starters. Think about your standards as you design the specific instructions and activity. Also, consider the support materials such as videos, books, and large group activities that might accompany the PowerPoint Sidekick.

Download and explore Economics through History (PPT). This is an example of a single slide project. Ask students to write about how our economic system has evolved.

Download and explore Music through History (PPT). This is a single slide project for tracing the history of music. Consider adding sound samples that can be matched with the pictures.

Music Economics HistoryMusic through History

Download and explore Men and Women through History (PPT). This is a two slide project. Ask students to choose whether they want to work on the man or woman slide. Students can put the pictures in order, then write about how times have changed.


Download and explore Transportation through History (PPT). This is a six slide project containing an entry page as well as slides on ship, air transportation, horse, cars, and bikes. Think about how this project could be used by small groups.

Transportation Transportation

Create your own PowerPoint Sidekick.

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