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PoisonPrevent PowerPoint Poisoning

Toss the traditional approach, not the software. Create dynamic digital workspaces where students organize thoughts and share their understandings through written, graphic, and sound communications.

PowerPoint Sidekicks can be a way to provide a manageable digital desktop for student work.

Sidekicks - Think Different

Create Simple Sidekicks

Select the elementary or secondary sidekick template and create a simple project.

Explore images and create a collage on a PowerPoint slide or in a folder on your network. Then, let students sort through the options and select, delete, and organize. Consider how students could use the images to categorize, compare/contrast, sequence, cycle, etc.

Explore Sidekicks Across the Curriculum

Adapt one of the following sidekicks.

Multimedia Starters

Design a media-rich sidekick. Incorporate your voice with directions to students, hints to students, and later feedback to students.

Focus on Thinking

Consider ways to incorporate critical and creative thinking. Also, think about collaborative projects.


Assignments to Assessments

Use PowerPoint as a "desktop learning space" incorporating everything from assignment to assessment.


Poison 3

Avoid PowerPoint Poisoning....

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